• PRIMANAGER is a end-to-end web system that has been developed by Sistema PRI, a BV company, to manage projects, in various fields of engineering,
  • Support a specific methodology and integrated to international concepts of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) from PMI (Project Management Institute),
  • Can be applied for our project management services as well as internally
  • Currently under investigation to export the solution on other geographies
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BIM Business Case - Consulting Services

Lifecycle BIM Consulting Services

  • Technology and management services in the whole project process based on BIM technology. Provide a full range of professional BIM management planning, advocacy, technical support and supervision works.

Improve the Value of Supervision Service

  • Apply BIM technology to improve supervision level, and ensure high quality goals achievement in construction, installation, completion acceptance and other phases.


PI Services – Focused Tic for data centers - complex mechanical and electrical systems experts

  • Quality  Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) Mechanical & Electrical Inspection  + QA/QC- PI provides a global solution to ensure standardization and compliance to local building codes, company and industry standards, and project specific palns and specifications.
  • Commissioning (Cx) Mechanical & Electrical testing – PI provides a global solution to validate that the MEP systems in the Data Centre function according to the Sequence of Operations (SOO), ensuring the Data Centre white space is ready for occupancy.
  • Operations Consulting PI provides a variety of professional services during the transition-to-oprations and post-occupancy phases of the data centre project to support the ongoing operations and maintenance of the facility.
  • 5 Phases of the data Centre development
    1. Pre-Purchase
    2. Planing
    3. Construction
    4. Transition-to-Operations
    5. Operations
  • Building-in-One v2 ( ) is a central platform to share data & documents and to collaborate with all stakeholders of a building.
  • BiOne is used by Retailers, Banks, Property managers clients with the need to manage their buildings in terms of information and HSE / IVS compliance.

Construction – Code Compliance Module

  • Regulatory compliance module available as an application that can be integrated (as plug-in) in all Software Assisted Design solutions (Autodesk first).
  • Purpose : automate the code compliance check for BV controller but also sell the module to architects for auto check during design phase
  • Web application to access to a worldwide database of the facilities regulatory profiles for over 50 countries
  • Datas are collected automatically thanks to a semantic engine and verified by Bureau Veritas which validates and updates the information
  • Self-service international eCommerce website to subscribe and pay

    for all or part of the service for a one-time or a recurring access

  • The business objective is to gain in efficiency, reach more clients and provide up to date information to client


Industry – Reality Modeling

  • New technologies for 3D model acquisition are becoming fast, affordable and simple to use. BV has a key role to play here as an enabler of such 3D Model, implementing the acquisition and classifying the objects based on its expertise of the asset and operating the model as a data gate keeper.
  • VISION : Opportunity to be central in the management of technical data (gatekeeper) from multiple sources concerning B&I assets.
  • POSITION : On behalf of the client and for the benefit of all the stakeholders, manage / Operate of technical data
  • Web-based Inspection Mgt
    • Flexible and easy to implement Inspection Management platform
    • Ability for the business to configure inspection check-lists and reporting templates as per client needs
  • e-Reporting on the field
  • Value reporting online
  • 3 in 1 solution: Back-Office, Inspectors and Clients