We can provide support in project management and assess conformity with all regulatory requirements during the design, construction and operation phase.

  • Pre building inspections
  • Regulatory Watch
  • Technical Studies
  • Technical Assistance
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Infrastructure sustainability studies
  • Feasibility and Risk
  • Regulatory and Standards
  • Preliminary geotechnical studies and survey
  • Code Compliance & Permitting (CCC)
  • Accredited Checking / Design Review
  • Design for Safety
  • Technical due diligence and Audit
  • Construction Material analysis and feasibility
  • Procurement
  • PPP technical due diligence
  • Independent Safety Assessment (Rail)
  • Risk analysis and Risk Management
  • Supplier  Feasibility Assessment
  • BIM Services
  • QPS / Site Supervision
  • Independent Engineer and Checking
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Web Project  Management System  (Pri-Manager)
  • Construction material testing and assessment
  • Claim assistance & Audits
  • Site, shop inspection and QA/QC
  • Procurement &Supplier Technical Assessment (Shop Inspections)
  • Green Building consultancy
  • Noise & Vibration Assessment
  • Testing & Commissioning (Data Centers)
  • Periodic Structural Inspections
  • Façade inspection
  • Technical Due Diligence & Audits
  • Lifting Inspection / Wire Rope Assessment
  • Asset inventory (2D/3D) & Drone Inspection
  • Asset performance assessment
  • Building in One
  • Life Cycle Asset Analysis
  • Compliance Audit
  • Regulatory Watch & Audit
  • Arborist & Asbestos inspection
  • Energy & Carbon DD & Audit
  • CCTV Inspection

BV-CKM is specially  licensed  as an Accredited Checking Organisation to provide regulatory service in Singapore. Accredited Checking is similar to 3rd Party independent design review and valued engineering and BV-CKM has provided these services outside Singapore to assist Client to economise their designs.

Currently, we perform Accredited Checking on large complex projects for international and domestic companies and Government bodies such as Land Transport Authority, Jurong Town Corporation, Shell, Housing and Development Board, SLA and more.

BV-CKM is specially licensed to provide the services of Qualifies Person (PE-Supervision), Resident Engineers & Resident Technical Officers in Singapore. We perform supervision missions on large complex projects including: Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Underground stations and tunnels, Shell LOBP Plant, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, Total LOBP Plant, JTC industrial projects and others.

Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI) is a regulatory service that is required for all structures in Singapore at certian intervals. BV-CKM is specially licensed to perform services of PSI for all types of structures in Singapore including buildings and infrastructure. We perform inspection missions on large complex structures including:  Benjamin Sheares Bridge, CPF Building, several state properties, Ministry of Defence properties and more.

Structural Investigation is not a regulated service in Singapore. The need for this service arises when owners wish to enhance their building or structures to carry additional loads or floors or to change the use of the building. BV-CKM performs structural investigation missions on all kinds of building and infrastructures including: Keppel Viaduct, Former City Hall & Supreme Court, Amara Hotel, Singapore Cricket Club, Abdul Gafoor Mosque, Windy Heights Condominium and others.

The need for Structural Strengthening or repair arises when building owner wishes to add loads to a structure beyond the allowable capacity of the existing structure or when it has inherent defects either on the design or its construction resulting in weak structure and when there is no credible data available on the existing building. BV-CKM performs the design reviews of existing structures and analyse structural investigation reports. Many projects have been undertaken oncluding Amara Hotel and Shopping Centre, Evershince Park Apartment, Windy Heights Condominium, Abdul Gafoor Mosque and more.

Buildings taller than 13 metres and older than 20 years will be required to undergo inspection every 7 years, as they “pose higher risks”. The inspections must be carried out once every seven years, with the expected lifespan of common facade materials and facade deterioration in mind. The inspection regime is aligned with the typical length of Repair and Redecoration (R&R) cycles for HDB estates and the majority of condominium developments, he said. The requirement comes on top of the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) existing inspections which looks at the structural design of facades such as curtain wall and external cladding under the Building Control Act, as well as the maintenance of building exteriors under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act. 

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